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Today In Awkward Lehman Swag

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So Squawk on the Street is spending the morning with Gary Kaminsky, a former Neuberger Berman managing director. To ring in the one year anniversary of Lehman biting the big one, Gar decided to bring out some documents from the inside that could potentially embarrass people he used to work with in that they imply nobody had a clue. Big G started with swag (later: a video of Dick Fuld and Joe Gregory in August 2008 plotting world domination and speaking highly of Erin Callan's cans). Above, he models a shirt that was given out internally at some point between the summer of 2007 and early 2008 in order to "pump up the troops and say 'we will forge ahead' and 'there's gonna be a doubling of our stock price'." Didn't exactly pan out that way! (Fuld, who sleeps in that shirt every night, fails to see the humor.)