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Transparency Still Elusive For Stimulus Funds

After two and a half months and $9.5 million, the world's most expensive online map is ready to go. As promised, the government has completed its extreme makeover of the website to help you track every last taxpayer stimulus dollar headed out the door to pay for one of those really useful $1200 signs. Given the outbreak of vanishing money over the past year, there is no way the government would want to take credit for burning $10 million on little more than a font change. The initial results are in.

Still, the government has a ways to go to complete transparency, (policy analyst at OMB Watch Craig) Jennings said. The site,, for instance, does not include complete data on recipients of stimulus money, and users face significant hurdles to using the information that is available.
"It's more of a nose job than a face lift," Jennings said. "You need to put these data in a simple text format that people can download and use in Excel."

But all is not lost. The government has also created a hot line to report cases of fraud, waste and abuse- such as the website itself.
Website upgrade makes it easier to monitor federal stimulus [LA Times]