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Warren Buffett: Ken Lewis Basically Imbecile Who Got Lucky

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As you're aware, Warren Buffett spent yesterday at the Fortune Women in Power Conference where he laid pipe and talked shop. After regaling the ladies assembled with a story about how he could've possibly saved Lehman if he wanted to to (/knew how to check voicemail), the Oracle Of O has moved on to some serious trash talk. What he doesn't seem to get here is that it's actually pretty incredible what Lewis was able to accomplish, considering what his blood alcohol levels were during those frightening weeks last year, and rather than be hated on, maybe we should be praising the guy for going above and beyond what anyone expected, namely vomiting on his shoes.

Buffett, the billionaire investor who runs Berkshire Hathaway, said Tuesday at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit in San Diego that Lewis -- the embattled Bank of America chief executive officer -- was the "ironic hero" of last September's economic meltdown.
But make no mistake, the emphasis was on ironic. Buffett's comments portray Lewis as a sort of Mr. Magoo of global finance, bumbling into trouble in stubborn pursuit of banking greatness -- and unintentionally saving the world in the process.

Warren Buffett came to bury Ken Lewis, not to praise him. [Fortune]