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WFC Employee Fired For Putting Forcelosed Home To Good Use

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Rather than commending her for bringing a little outside the box thinking to the table, Wells Fargo has apparently canned Cheronda Guyton, a senior vice president previously responsible for foreclosed commercial properties. Her "crime" was that rather than let an uninhabited Malibu home, and a pretty sweet one at that, sit around and not be partied in while it "was withheld from the market for an agreed-upon period of time," Guyton had some friends over and threw some ragers, one of which had guests ferried to the beach house by yacht. The Journal is of the opinion that this sort of creativity is shameful, and Wells, not feeling a pat on the back and raise would be appropriate with everyone looking, had this to say: "We deeply regret the activities that have taken place as they do not reflect the conduct we expect of our team members." Guyton has not discussed the issue with the press though if she's smart she'll plead ignorance on this thing. Technically, no one told her when she first started that this sort of thing is frowned up.