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What Are Rebecca Jarvis's Short And Long Term Career Plans And Do They Involve CNBC?

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No and unclear! A bunch of you have been wondering where Jarvis has been lately, fearing a Margaret Brennan-like abandonment. For now, be easy-- she's on vacation this week. However, and I only say this so you can emotionally steel yourself, there are rumors that she's planning to leave the network once her contract is up (no word on where she's headed, though speculation is encouraged). This is of course very disappointing, as we like our CNBC with at least one Apprentice runner-up at all times. The only upside we could possibly come up with? A hole in on-air talent that would necessitate bringing back Macke.


Plaxico Burress And Tim Sykes Are Now Involved Professionally

Whether that relationship entails Sykes becoming Burress's financial advisor or Burress attending Tim Sykes University is unclear.