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What Tricks Of The Trade Is Shia LaBeouf Learning About At CNBC?

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So Bill G let it slip in the last few seconds of Power Lunch earlier that Shia LaBeouf was visiting Englewood Cliffs today, as part of research for his upcoming role in Money Never Sleeps. Assuming that this wasn't just a fantasy on Bill's part, one must ask, what the hell could Shi-B possibly be doing about at the bunny ranch this afternoon? He's supposed to be playing a trader, but perhaps in a last minute re-write to the script, his character, having lost everything, becomes a financial journalist? In which case he's spending the afternoon shadowing Ron Insana? Other ideas that come to mind: training with Charlie Gasparino so he'll have that "jacked" look on camera (today: massacring the pec dec, tomorrow: blasting the hams)? Running flash cards with Maria Bartiomo for her next stint at Celebrity Jeopardy? The unenviable task of injecting Jim Cramer with an EpiPen? And, most harrowingly and most likely, given that he was absent during the whole show, male bonding with Dennis Kneale? Tell me.