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What's It Going To Take To Smoke Andrew Cuomo Out Of His Cave?

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Here's a little thought question for the group while we wait for Gmail to start working again (it's been what feels like hours at this point, which is just obscene). New AIG Chief Bobby Benmosche has been pulling out all the stops in an effort to provoke Andy Cuomo. He's threatened to lock the Attorney General in room and do things so unspeakable that we don't even want to hear about them, only saying that they'll be worse than anything you can ever imagine. He's offered non-apologies. He's referred to himself in the third person when doing so. And we've gotten nary a peep from Andrew. Greg and I actually made the huge effort to call his office today and see if anyone over there wanted to give it a shot. Nothing. How must Benmosche up the ante to get something out of this prick? Tell a bunch of employees he's going to screw Cuomo's wife?* Threaten Andy's good standing with NAMBLA? Claim he's going to release a Sheryl Weinstein-genre book about what went down in the room? Go all Mike "I'll eat your a-hole and then fuck you 'til you love me" Tyson on his ass? WHAT? If Cuomo should be counted on for one thing it's being thin skinned and of the temperament that causes someone to seek out fights as a way to deal with Daddy issues. Now one is banging his door and he's too good to answer the phone? WTF? I refuse to accept that he's taking the high road.
*Before you get up in my business about how that's not realistic, review the transcript from yesterday's meeting at AIG. This is exactly the road we're going down.