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Which White Party-Attending Financier Is Immune To The Recession?

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Page Six reports that a 14-acre Southampton spread, which sat on the market for two years at an asking price of $59 million, is in contract for $45 mill. Whose ass should you start kissing now in order to ensure an invite for next summer? Unclear. The buyer is unidentified but Post did offer up the (vaguely oxymoronic?) hint that he is a "recession-proof financier" as a jumping off point. Right off the top of our heads we've got:

...nothing. John Paulson is a possibility for obvious reasons, but he just bought a new place on First Neck Lane like two seconds ago. Stevie-Boy is a maybe, 'cause like he told friend in confidence recently, "ain't nothin bringing this house down," but he's already got a place on Further Lane, and more important stuff to be spending his cash on (building an apartment over the garage to house the Ice Capades, mostly). Lloyd Blankfein's been looking for a place to max and relax and has also been guaranteed by an elfin' public official that he's got "nothing to worry about" but he's not spending a dime 'til this whole thing blows over. Do we need to be thinking more globally on this one? By "recession-proof," do they not necessarily mean "has a fuck-ton of money" but more along the lines of "is insane, will not let the market's blow to his net worth come between him and his spending habits, be they the associated costs of competing in drunk driving races with Billy Joel all summer, flying private or candy?" In which case we have a winner? Help me out on this one.


Steve Cohen Gives 215 Million (And Counting) Fingers To The Universe

In the news this week you will find two stories of men soothing what ails them through retail therapy: that of Friday Night Lights writer Buzz Bissinger, who confessed in the pages of GQ to spending over $600,000 at the House of Gucci in a leather fetish/bondage binge that resulted in him coming to own 'eighty-one leather jackets, seventy-five pairs of boots, forty-one pairs of leather pants, thirty-two pairs of haute couture jeans, ten evening jackets, and 115 pairs of leather gloves' and Steve Cohen, who will not be held down by SEC settlements topping half a billion dollars or bulls-eyes on his back. Earlier this week it was reported that the SAC Capital founder had picked up Picasso's Le RĂªve for $155 million as "a gift to himself" and now he's got a place to put it:

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The event has been described as being "like a buffet," if you're used to eating at a buffet that serves Alaskan king crab legs and singles* looking to do some extreme mingling. (*Marrieds also welcome.)

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