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Will Allen Stanford Wind Up Calling Allen Stanford To The Stand?

Sir Allen's lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, may have learned a thing or two since he took on the responsibility of defending Cuban cricket's best friend. Claiming he hadn't received any assurances that Stanford would actually pay for his services, DeGuerin wanted out of the circus and today he got his wish. CNBC is reporting that Sir Allen will now pin his freedom on the ability of a court appointed attorney to explain away his actions. Or at least he will until he realizes that having said "I'll die and go to hell if it's a Ponzi scheme", there may be a lot more on the line than originally thought. Should that realization take place, we sincerely hope Texas's least favorite son will do us all a favor and decide to represent himself. Playing the role of amateur attorney, Stanford should provide even more evidence that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.