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Write-Offs: 09.04.09

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$$$ CEO's wife gives advice on how to be a good corporate partner. [Charlotte Observer]
$$$ Jeff Peek gets to keep his job another year but no private plane which will make this lady very unhappy. [Forbes]
$$$ Sarah Palin to speak at CLSA's Asia Markets Conference [Bloomberg]
$$$ This 16 year old wants to help you stalk George Soros, etc. [Insider]
$$$ "What do Bobber the Water Safety Dog, a reach-in freezer, sliced ham and 115 office chairs have in common? They were all funded with Recovery Act dollars." [CNN Money]
$$$ Can you portray one of the following for background work on Money Never Sleeps?:
* Prison Guards- Male, All Ethnicities, 22-50 years old.
* Prison Inmates- Male, All Ethnicities, 18-65 years old.
* Real Wall Street Traders- Male/Female, All Ethnicities, 22-50 years old.
* Newstand Clerk- Male, East Indian, 22-65 years old.
* Laboratory Techs- Male/Female, All Ethnicities, 25-65 years old.
* Supermodels- Female, All Ethnicities, 18-25 years old who are 5′9 or taller.
* Basketball Player- Male, African American, 18-30 years old.
* Chinese Investors- Male/Female, 25-65 years old.
* Cafe Host- Male/Female, Asian, 25-55 years old.
* British Barber- Male, All Ethnicities, 25-65 years old.
* Govt. Officials & Financial/Corporate Executive Types- Male/Female, all Ethnicities, 25-75 years old.
* Artist Types- Male/Female, All Ethnicities, 18-55 years old.
* Female Movie Star- Female, All Ethnicities, 25-45 years old.
* Lawyers- Male/Female, All Ethnicities, 30-75 years old.
* Stand-in/Photodouble for actor Michael Douglas, Height 5′10.
* Stand-in/Photodouble for actor Shia LaBeouf, Height 5′9.
$$$That's it for us today, enjoy the weekend and see you Tuesday!