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You Hear That? That's The Sound Of Some Serious Lip Smacking In Southern Connecticut

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This is a huge shipment so he's going to need a couple of able bodied guys to come with and hijack the goods. For those of you trying to score some brownie points, meet in the parking lot in ten for further instructions and ski masks-- van's leaving promptly at 3.

The New York Aquarium is moving ahead with a $100 million plan to renovate its building in Coney Island and create two massive tanks for more than 30 sharks -- about four times as many as now ply the aquarium's waters.
Under the aquarium's plan, the sharks, whose streamlined forms simultaneously scare and fascinate visitors, will have a lot more room to move. The aquarium's single 90,000-gallon tank -- where eight tiger, nurse and reef sharks now make their home -- is to be replaced by two glass-walled tanks with a total capacity of 600,000 gallons.

Aquarium To Renovate With Giant Shark Tanks [NYT]