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A-Rod's Stimulus Program For New York

Joe Grano may believe Bobby Benmosche is worth more than Alex Rodriguez, but if history repeats itself, A-Rod may do more for the City of New York in the next three weeks than Benmosche likely will for years to come. With the best record in baseball and the American League's victory in the All-Star game this year, the Bronx Bombers are in a position to bring post-season baseball (and money) back to New York in a big way.
According to the Economic Development Corporation, each home playoff game at Yankee Stadium provides a total economic benefit of approximately $11.9 million to the city. But based on the regular season, it looks like the Yankees should sail right through to the World Series. Enter A-Rod and his recent post-season performance. Should #13 continue his October ways, and the Yankees be forced go the distance in each series, the club will play 11 home games translating into just under $131 million in economic benefit. So while Yankee fans would love to see Rodriguez break-out during the playoffs and lead the team to three consecutive series sweeps, many New Yorkers may be secretly hoping it'll be business as usual.
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