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AIG CEO Is A Bargain Compared To What They're Paying People In The Bronx

With Bobby Benmosche $10.5 million pay package getting two thumbs up from Ken Feinberg, the question is whether or not BB can earn his keep to the tune of 8 figures. To answer that you need somebody who really knows the guy. Somebody who has walked the Croatian vineyards with him. Somebody who knows when there are two outs in the bottom of the 9th with the game on the line whether Bobby B comes through in the clutch or strikes out. Former UBS Paine Webber CEO Joe Grano is such a person

In a recent Bloomberg interview, Grano said yes, Benmosche is definitely worth the $10.5 mil. In fact, he's worth more than another highly paid controversial figure in New York: A-Rod. While #13 does put a lot of people in the seats and runs on the scoreboard, his performance in October leaves something to be desired. He also had that whole steroids issue but given the size of AIG's bailout, they're on performance enhancing drugs right now themselves. So take it from a guy who knows, A-Rod is no Bob Benmosche. The endorsement comes 5:00 in.