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Alan Grayson Has His Own Term Of Endearment For One Of The Beard's Advisers

As anybody who works in government will tell you, politics is an exercise in choosing your words very carefully. And at this critical point in time the Fed, Treasury, regulators and lawmakers all need to be crystal clear about how to achieve a sustainable economic recovery. No more vague, ambiguous statements. Rep. Alan Grayson certainly understands this and demonstrated his mastery of the concept by summarizing where he stands on one of the Beard's advisers, Linda Robertson, by declaring her a "K Street whore". There aren't too many ways to spin that one to claim that you were somehow misunderstood or your words were taken out of context. And, being the guy he is, AG offered up an apology.

"I offer my sincere apology to Linda Robertson, an adviser to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. I did not intend to use a term that is often, and correctly, seen as disrespectful of women," Grayson said in a statement. "This characterization of Ms. Robertson, made during a radio interview last month in the context of the debate over whether the Federal Reserve should be independently audited, was inappropriate, and I apologize."

What a huge breath of fresh air. We finally have a politician who can admit he was wrong and refuses to hide behind some completely ridiculous explanation to get him off the hook.

"Let's be clear about the context," (Grayson spokesman Todd Jurkowski) said. "The attack was on her professional career, not her personal life."

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