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Andy And Mark Madoff Sued On Grounds That They Are Complete Morons

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Irving Picard promised Sunday that he would bankrupt Andy and Mark Madoff and he was not kidding! The spawn of Satan, along with their cousin Shana and uncle Peter, have been sued for $199 million. The good news is that they're not being accused of actually taking part in the Ponzi scheme, but only for being possibly so fucking stupid that they had no idea it was going on right under their noses. I can't speak for Peter and Shana but in M&A's defense? They were never there! They literally spent 4 days of every work week on a boat fishing and posing for pictures. (They do strike me as himbos, however, so it's possible they wouldn't have caught this thing even if they did have more regular attendance at the office.)

The complaint does not accuse the family members of participating in the Ponzi scheme -- indeed, lawyers for all four have repeatedly insisted that their clients had no inkling about the fraud until Mr. Madoff confessed to his sons in December, prompting them to turn him in to the federal authorities.
Rather, the trustee's complaint describes the relatives as "completely derelict" in carrying out their professional duties at the federally regulated brokerage firm.

"As a result, they either failed to detect or fail to stop the fraud," the complaint asserted. "Simply put, if the family members had been doing their jobs -- honestly and faithfully -- the Madoff Ponzi scheme might never have succeeded, or continued for so long."