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Authorization Required For Old Glory At Bank Of America

Given last year's results, there is at least a chance that Bank of America's risk management policies are undergoing a bit of an overhaul these days. There were clearly a variety of areas in which standards were either too lax or too ambiguous. However, there was at least one thing BAC was adamant and crystal clear about preventing: the reckless, unauthorized display of flags on bank property. The woman responsible for removing American flags that were part of a funeral procession for a Marine from the grounds of a BofA branch wants the world to know that where there is law at the bank, employees follow it to the letter.

At a recent press conference in Gaffney, SC, the lawyer for the bank manager/flag cop in question, Brandy Tate, read a passage from the gospel according to Ken.

"Displaying other flags such as local city/county, municipalities, commemorative, military/patriotic, irregular size U.S. flags or special-interest group flags must be approved by your consumer market management," (Tate's attorney Charles) Bonner read, noting that the word "must" was in bold type.

The message is clear: making loans to anybody reaching the lofty standard of having a pulse, not a problem. Allowing people to put American flags outside of the bank that bears the country's name, unacceptable.
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