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Bank of America Might've Bought Lehman If Tim Geithner Had Better Job Talking Up Dick

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So Hank Paulson held secret meetings with Goldman in a hotel room in Russia and now we also find out, from Andrew Ross Sorkin's new book, that matchmakers Paulson and Geither arranged a midnight meeting between Dick Fuld and Ken Lewis on Monday, July 21, 2008 to discuss the possibility of something going down between the two men's firms. The rendez-vous took place after a dinner honoring the then Treasury Secretary, at which all of Wall Street's CEO's were assembled and one sort of gets the impression that maybe if Geithner had thought to talk Fuld/Lehman up to Lewis a little more ("he's a grower, not a shower"), and told Fuld "for god's sake, don't look so desperate, play it cool," the outcome might've been different. (It probably also would've required Richard to not be delusional about what he was trying to sell which, admittedly, TG couldn't have helped.)

As the dinner was ending, Mr. Geithner, approached Mr. Lewis and, leaning close, whispered, "I believe you have a meeting with Dick."
"Yeah, I do," Mr. Lewis replied.
Mr. Geithner gave him directions to a side room where the two could speak in private. He had apparently already given Mr. Fuld the same instructions, because Mr. Lewis noticed him across the room looking back at them like a nervous date.

Seeing Mr. Fuld start to walk in one direction, Mr. Lewis headed in the other; with half of Wall Street looking on, the last thing either of them needed was to have word of their meeting get out.
The two men eventually doubled back and found the room. Mr. Fuld explained that he would want at least $25 a share from Bank of America to buy Lehman; Lehman's shares had closed that day at $18.32. Mr. Lewis thought the number was far too high and couldn't see the strategic rationale. Unless he could buy the firm for next to nothing, the deal wasn't worth it. But he held his tongue.
Two days later, he called Mr. Fuld back.
"I don't think this is going to work for us," Mr. Lewis said as diplomatically as he could, while leaving open the possibility that they could discuss the matter again.


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