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Bank of America Turns A Profit

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It's just under a million which might not seem like that much but I can think of a certain someone who wouldn't thumb his nose at a mill right about now. The Observerreports that Bank of America has sold its pad at the Time Warner Center, which will mean one of you will have to put Ken Lewis up for the night when he flies up to NYC for one last hurrah as CEO, which will take place the entire month of December.

On Friday, just after Bank of America announced a billion-dollar loss in the third quarter, a deed in city records showed that the massive firm had sold off its corporate apartment in the Time Warner Center for $7.2 million. On the bright side, it cost $6.35 million to buy three years ago.

Especially on a dark afternoon like this one, you stare up at the twin-towered, 53-story, 2,800,000-square-foot, sharp-edged, nefariously shiny Time Warner Center and wonder what really goes on in the multimillion-dollar condos. According to James B. Stewart's 19,148-word epic on the financial world's collapse, it was in this Bank of America sprawl--on the north tower's 57th floor--that chief Ken Lewis met Merrill Lynch's John Thain on Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008, to talk about a merger.


Bank Of America Turned A Profit

When you don't have billions upon billions in legal fees to cover, the world is your oyster.

Whistleblowing Bank Of America Quite A Bit More Lucrative Than Working For Bank Of America

Just something to keep in mind. A former Countrywide Financial Corp. manager whose fraud suit contributed to the mortgage industry’s $25 billion settlement with federal and state regulators received about $14.5 million for his efforts, his lawyers said. Kyle Lagow, an appraisal manager for Countrywide from 2004 to 2008, claimed that Countrywide inflated the value of homes to support bigger loans, according to a statement today from Seattle-based law firm Hagens Berman. Charlotte, North Carolina- based Bank of America bought Countrywide in 2008 to save it from collapse as defaults on home loans soared. Lagow’s information helped prompt a $1 billion settlement of Federal Housing Administration claims announced by Bank of America in February, according to the law firm. The sum was included in the nationwide settlement reached that month. [Bloomberg]