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BarCap Comp Drama Even Worse We Thought

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Seriously, Bob Diamond, what kind of bucket shop are you running over there? You cannot get people's hopes up like this. I'm telling you, these junior rainmakers have options. They will walk if you don't make this right.

The conference call on which HR told us 1st 2nd and 3rd year s/t analysts that we were getting shafted? Laughable fiasco. They held the same call last week with bankers to tell them about the raise. So everyone in s/t was expecting the same on our call this week. HR also wouldn't explain a thing. Major foul-up.

Ibd is on a July year end schedule. Capital markets was switched this year to the normal Dec year end. So we got royally fucked by getting a stub bonus at the worst possible time, and now shafted again by having to wait until Feb to get a raise too.
People are definitely pissed.

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