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Bernie Madoff's Ponzi Scheme Was A Front For His Cocaine Dealing Business?

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Everytime we try and get off the Berns Beat this guy reels us back in. Not content to let Raj Rajaratnam and his little insider trading case dominate the limelight, Madoff sees your "Sri Lankan scandal" and raises you a "I eat Italian food prepared by a pervert." The Daily Newsreports that inside the Butler, NC prison he calls home, the Ponz Master bunks with a 21 year-old drug dealer and eats pizza "prepared by a child molester." That should be enough to hold our attention but in case you were considering spending your morning discussing the implications of Raj-Raj winding down his fund, Big Big goes on:

New additions to a lawsuit against the jailed Ponzi schemer charge that he presided over an office so fueled by the drug that it was known as the "North Pole."

The suit, filed Tuesday night in Manhattan Supreme Court, alleges that Madoff, as far back as 1975, used two street toughs on his payroll to set up a cocaine pipeline into the offices of Madoff Securities.
It portrays the firm's headquarters as an animal house with "a culture of sexual deviance" that often hosted drug-fueled parties featuring topless waitresses who wore little more than G-strings.