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Bloomberg Will AGAIN Provide Your Daily Ego Boost: Back By Popular Demand?

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Yesterday we mentioned the harrowing, life-shattering news that Bloomberg had removed the function that allowed you to see how many people were clicking your profile, and checking your shit out, as confirmed by a Help Desk representative. Today, it's back. Not that we're not thrilled for those you who enjoy the idea of people watching you, but we're just wondering why the sudden about face?

Did enough important and influential financial services employees make a stink? Did someone threaten to cancel all of his firm's subscriptions and burn the terminals in the parking lot if this wasn't "fixed"? Did you? Please let us know at this time. (I actually have a more sinister-- but possibly accurate-- theory, but am waiting on more info.)
Update: And now it's back down again. WTF is going on, Mr. Mayor? You can't mess with people's heads like this.


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