Bruce Wasserstein Not Stepping Down But Here Are A Few People Who Could Take His Job In The Event Things Take A Turn For The Worst


Lazard said in a statement yesterday that Bruce Wasserstein is "stable and recovering" after checking into the hospital with an irregular heartbeat, and gave no indication the CEO would step down from the firm or cut back on his responsibilities, necessitating the need for someone else to take over. But what do you say we come up with some names, just for kicks? Wass will likely make a full recovery, so it's not as morbid as it seems, and Ken Lewis is mulling putting his plans to retire on ice* so we needn't waste our time coming up with a successor for him.
Last Tycoons author William Cohan thinks Vice Chairman Steven Golub would be a likely candidate to take over cause he's "old-time Lazard guy who has a done a very good job of continuity in terms of bridging the old Lazard and the Bruce Lazard." Charlie Gasparino is working the phones and will have some wild card names for you to place odds on shortly. Hopefully all of this talk will be for naught, however, because Dick Bové cannot say good-bye to another CEO (she's holding it together for now but could blow at any second):

"This is troubling news," Richard Bove, an analyst with Rochdale Securities LLC, said in a report today. "Mr. Wasserstein has been the driving force behind this company in recent years. His formidable position in the advisory business is undoubtedly the source of a significant amount of the firm's business."

Lazard's Golub Most Likely Wasserstein Successor, Cohan Says [Bloomberg]
*Kidding, he's so outta there. What KL actually said was "put some ice in that Strawberry Hill and let's celebrate the hell out of this holiday."


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