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Charlie Gasparino Knows If Lloyd Blankfein Were Ever Mad At Him It Must've Been For A Good Reason

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So! As previously mentioned, Andrew Ross Sorkin writes in his new book that at one point last September, Lloyd Blankfein was so "disgusted with what he believed was CNBC's Charlie Gasparino's 'rumor-mongering'" that he turned the TV off in his office out of protest. Obviously, we wanted to hear Charlie's thoughts on this one and raced to get him on the phone before he was taken into custody for beating Sorkin with a baseball bat in the lobby of the Times building. According to Chaz, he doubts that LB ever referred to or thought of him as a monger of rumors. "Maybe he was upset and turned the TV off," CG told us. "But he didn't use the word rumor monger. I also know that Stan Druckenmiller is saying he was misquoted in the book. What does this all mean? Maybe the rest of the book is completely accurate-- but I don't know." So: Gaspo seems to be keeping his cool for now, which is good for ARS. While CG (presumably) shot off a series of expletive emails to the Dealbook editor, all with the subject line: YOU'RE A DEAD MAN SORKIN!!! we called Goldman Sachs to see if they wanted to wanted to take sides with one journalist or another.

Lucas Van Praag wouldn't be boxed into choosing Jew v. Jabroni but he did tell us that he was very impressed with CG's sources on this one. "We always knew Charlie was somewhat omniscient but this is incredible. Or perhaps he has Lloyd's office bugged."
In related news, we're also told (by Gasparino) that John Mack "praised my reporting at the time and he'll do it again."


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