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Charlie Gasparino Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night

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Yesterday we discussed the fact that Andrew Ross Sorkin's new book mentions that during last year's crisis, Lloyd Blankfein started boycotting CNBC (by turning his TV off), on account of "rumor-mongering" by Charlie Gasparino. Chaz conceded that while LB might've been unhappy with his ace reporting, the Goldman CEO never uttered the filthy term in connection with CG's name, or even thought it. Knowing Gaspo, we figured he'd solve this problem the way he solves all his problems, namely with the busting of knee caps and the suggestion that ARS is the perfect size to fit in the trunk of a Buick. Unfortunately he's apparently been advised to keep the brass knuckles in his dresser drawer for the time being, and has instead sought legal counsel to deal with "this guy."

According to Chaz's attorney Mark Schwartz, a letter has been sent to Sorkin demanding a correction and an apology for the allegedly erroneous story. Schwartz told us the apology should be printed in Vanity Fair, which ran an excerpt of the book in its November issue, along with "other mediums to which Sorkin has access." So let's just say ARS, fearing his life, agrees. How else should he make good with Chaz? On-air apology? Mea culpa via sky writing plane? Errand boy for a year, and all that that entails?