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Citi Putting Some Excitement Back Into Filling Up Your Gas Tank

Hopefully Citi is already working on some new ads for its push into the exploding credit card space. If you act right now, you'll get the chance to participate in the bank's Mission Impossible inspired oil partner co-branded MasterCard program whereby you can look forward to rewards like 3% cash back on fuel purchases, 1% cash back on other purchases, and the possibility that in spite of paying your bill on-time, the rapidly shrinking bank has decided to turn off your tap without any prior warning. The recent steps taken to cut off even more of its limbs takes the process down to the most granular level. But you'd think the decision by the former banking supermarket, which looks more and more like a banking bodega, to make going to the pump a bit more interesting for Citi customers wouldn't be simply random. They must have solid credit-based reasons for these incidents.

Shannon Burdette tried to pay with her Shell Mastercard after filling up her gas tank this weekend but found the card rejected.
Confused, she called the customer service line on the back of the card, issued by Citibank, and was told the account was closed because of something that appeared on her credit report. But when the Sykesville, Md., resident got a copy of her credit report online, the only negative thing she saw was "closed at credit grantor's request" on the Shell MasterCard account.

So the message is clear, Citi never sleeps and you better not either. Especially on what Citi might be doing to your credit report.