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Citigroup In Crisis

There is a crisis situation going on at Citi right now and we're not talking about the losses, writedowns, bailouts, lawsuits, distressed sales, or Andrew Hall. We're talking about a real problem. One that is going to take the collective efforts of everybody in Vik's army to solve. They may have to work late nights and weekends, but if they all roll up their sleeves, they can right this horrific wrong.

Sandy Weill has been booted off Forbes's list of the 400 richest Americans. The creator of the banking supermarket model who then watched in amazement as the phrase 'cleanup in aisle 5' became the bank's mantra did not make the $950 million cutoff this year. Remember when C used to trade at $50? Sandy sure does. And the fact that it's down at $4 and change now has forced him back to the ranks of mere millionaires. He's not asking for $50 again but $4.50 is not going to do it. So get busy Pandites and meet the guy half way. It's the least you can do. Who knows where you'd be without him.
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