Cleveland Sees Uptick In Employment

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Few areas of the country have been hit harder by unemployment than the Rust Belt. The auto industry's implosion has created widespread economic hardship and left many anxiously waiting for a sign that the tide is turning. Almost a quarter century after watching John Elway's signature performance in "The Drive" from the sidelines, Bernie Kosar and the Cleveland Browns have offered a ray of hope to the residents of the mistake on the lake.

The team hired the bankrupt former quarterback to be a consultant and start his financial rehab work. But while #19 might have been able to manage the Browns' offense, his ex-wife is not so convinced about his ability to manage his debt.

Ex-wife Babette J. Kosar sought the trustee, saying Kosar has "demonstrated no ability
to manage his affairs." She is owed about $3 million from a divorce settlement.

There seems to be a neat and tidy to solution to the problems for everyone involved here. When you're 1-5 and averaging less than 12 points/game, why not give the guy a shot at his old job. It'll be just like old times- except for one thing. These days when people yell the name Bernie, it usually isn't a good thing.
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