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CNBC Inching Closer And Closer To Dropping The Pretense (And Panties)

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Did the last Frederick's of Hollywood catalogue fail to make it to your doorstep? Does your employer frown upon your surfing for porn on the job? CNBC is here to lend a helping hand, having uploaded some of their favorite little numbers to the site. If you're wondering why they didn't just have the on-air talent model these things, perhaps you've failed that remember that CNBC is a serious business network for serious investors, who wouldn't take MCC or Dennis Kneale seriously if they showed up on Power Lunch in something like this:

They'd be trying to give their, you know, market insights and you'd be all distracted by the aggressive displays of cleave. Plus, there was the matter of a certain prima donna throwing a fit backstage when he was informed this hadn't been ordered in his size:

And while we're on the subject, can the business gurus offer some adult films you might be interested in? They've ranked the Top 20 best-sellers of all time, surely there's something for everyone. Bonus round: guess which anchor counts number 19, Space Nuts, as his or her fave.
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