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Danielle Chiesi, Sugar Momma?

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Since Raj Rajaratnam was escorted out of his apartment almost two weeks ago in cuffs one thing we've been waiting to hear is who slept with whom in this whole thing. Who was going downtown for the hot tips? Was Raj using his bod to get ahead? Someone seems to think that Newcastle's Danielle Chiesi might've been using her powers of persuasion to get an edge in the insider trading game. Not exactly sure how, given that this guy (below) runs what seems to be a small shop out in Ohio but whatevs. Regardless, at least we know she treated her men to the finer things in life, which is nice.

From: [redacted]
To: Dealbreaker
Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Subject: Danielle Chiesi

FYI Danielle Chiesi was engaged to [FTN Equity Capital Markets Chairman and CEO] William Bischoff from approx. 4/06 till about 4/07. She later told people "I don't know why I agreed to get engaged, I don't want to get married." She had bought him some kind of 2 seater sports car, a jag I think...[She] broke off the engagement...