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Do Not Fear: Mark Madoff Is Going To Be Alright

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He just needed a little alone time, okay? Things have been really stressful lately, what with daddy going to prison, and Irving Picard trying to take all his money, and a lack of sandwich shop employees stiff. And, of course, the fish. They've just been so different since everything went down. Cold. Standoffish. Distant. So when the wife started harping the other night, whereas brother Andy would've broken down and started crying, Mark dealt with it like a man, and ran away from home.

Sources said Mark had a bitter argument with his wife, Stephanie, in their SoHo apartment Wednesday night. At about 8 p.m., Mark stormed out of the Mercer Street apartment.

And came back.

He returned an hour later and resumed the verbal sparring, sources said.

And left again. But this time he really meant it. How did Mark show he was serious? If you answered "by hopping on a scooter," you'd be right.

But Mark again stomped out and stalked across the street to a parking garage, where he hopped on a Vespa scooter he keeps there and sped off, sources said. Hours later, at about 1:30 a.m., a worried Stephanie called cops to report him missing.
When Mark reappeared at his SoHo residence yesterday morning, he told Stephanie he had spent the night at the nearby Soho Grand Hotel after checking in under a different name and paying cash, according to sources.
Madoff then called police and said that he was OK -- but also that he has been under a significant amount of stress recently, sources said.

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