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Don Imus Would Like To Know How Long It's Going To Take Charlie Gasparino "To Grow A Pair"

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You might not have known this but Charlie Gasparino has a book called "The Sell-Out" coming out in November. Since CNBC hasn't let him plug it on air, Chaz has been having to go through other channels to promote the thing, including a guerilla marketing campaign that involves leaving ripped out pages of the tome in the men's rooms of various bucket shops all over town. But with the release date fast approaching, Gaspo has naturally wanted to up the press for his contribution to literature. So when Don Imus asked CG to appear on the his radio show yesterday, Chazza agreed immediately. Though he prefers the medium of television, feeling strongly that you should get to see the Jabroni Pony's face while he delivers his scoops, he was excited to tap another audience of potential readers, and also just to spend some time with Don, who is a friend. Unfortunately, CNBC didn't quite see it that way, what with the I-Man working for their competition, Fox Business, as of next Monday. They put the kibosh on the whole thing, and Gasparino was forced to leave an awkward "I hate to do this to you" message of Don's voicemail late Tuesday night. How did the NAACP Image Award nominee take to the perceived snub? Not so good!

But he recovered nicely, and found a replacement! In the audio clip below "Charlie Gasparino" and Don dish on a whole bunch of subjects, including but not limited to CG's take on the Toyota recall ("economically speaking? bad"), Chaz's column in the Post this week, which after some prodding he admits was ghost written by Charles Dickens, Charlie's use of Flomax, which he takes on account of "it being like a sprinkler down there" and "pissing in Morse Code," whether or not Gaspo is an A-lister in the business world, and Imus's thoughts on CNBC, summed up thusly: "They've got a bunch of fat, snarky drunks on at all time, and they're running pornos at night."

Interestingly enough, Chazza tells us that several of his friends from the old neighborhood called him up after hearing the segment, under the impression that this was actually him, either because the imposter did a bang-up job on the impression (dubious) or because the abuse of prescription drugs to treat flow control problems is more true to life than previously thought (likely).