FBI Head Will Not Be Banking Online Anytime Soon


It's not just the Beard who can fall victim to a scheme designed to take his identity out for a test drive and then crash the car. Fraud almost victimized the longest arm of the law, the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller. You'd figure it would take a pretty elaborate plan to fool the head honcho of the federal crimefighting unit. These guys can smell something rotten from a mile away. You don't just stand there and ask them to fork over their social security number and PIN number and expect any chance of success. Or do you?

He received an e-mail purporting to be from his bank that looked "perfectly legitimate" and which prompted him to verify some information. He started to follow the instructions but then realized that that "might not be such a good idea," he said.
"Just a few clicks away from falling into a classic Internet phishing scam," Mueller "barely caught himself in time" and admitted he "definitely should have known better."

It was a close call, but Mueller learned his lesson and now he'd like to move on. Which he will, under the watchful eye of his own long arm of the law.

He said he changed his passwords and tried to pass the incident off to his wife as a "teachable moment," but she was having none of it and told him, "It is our money. No more Internet banking for you!"

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