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First Year IBD Analysts Only BarCap Employees Not Getting Screwed, Says BarCap Associates

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Last week we were informed of the unbelievable news that 1st/2nd/3rd year sales&trading analysts head been led to believe (by their own assumptions) that they'd be getting 10k salary bumps because 1st/2nd/3rd year banking analysts got raises and fair is fair. Apparently not in Phil Mickelson's house! The s&t'ers got nothing, and what stung the most, we're told, is that HR didn't even think to say it was sorry for getting the junior rainmakers' hopes up. Today, it gets even worse. From an associate who, Bob Diamond I hope you're listening good and hard, is thisclose to considering the possibility of maybe leaving if a more desirable situation (a call back from Dick Fuld's new shop) presents itself:

Just a heads up, the same call/conversation took place with the IBD analysts/associates last week. The analysts had their conference call first in which they were told they would be getting a $10k bump to $70k/$80k/$90k (1st/2nd/3rd). All the associates heard the cheering on the floor and when we found out what was going on, expected the same bump on our call scheduled for 15 minutes after the analyst call. Needless to say, we didn't get the bump. We were told the firm would "reevaluate" the base salary situation in march (most likely after everyone has already left for other firms). What's more, the folks coming in through the Barclays side get paid $10k more than the Lehman associates.

So first year associates that came in from Lehman basically get paid $5k more than 3rd year analysts (guess that's the market value of an MBA these days). Everyone here agrees: barcap is the definition of bush league.


Goldman Sachs Does Not Look Kindly Upon First Year Analysts Who Plan In Advance

Pop-quiz: you're a first year analyst at Goldman Sachs, with a little more than twelve months left until your two year commitment is over and you are free to take a job elsewhere. Do you A) take part in private equity and hedge fund recruiting now, and, if someone was particularly impressed with your junior mistmaking skills, accept an offer for a gig beginning in June 2013 or B) tell the buyside you are sorry but are prohibited from engaging in such activities at this time, as they would pose a conflict of interest for Goldman Sachs? At this time, GS JM's believe the correct answer is A, while higher-ups, who believe there is a firm policy in place that says no analyst shall take part in recruiting until six months from the time they've finished the two year program, are going with B. So now this is happening: Goldman has been firing IBD first year analysts with buyside offers. Senior people are calling up funds to ask if any analysts have received offers from them. A bunch have been cut so far. A bunch, we're told, is in the ballpark of four, which seems like enough to put the fear of god into people.