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Floyd Mayweather Wins Lunchtime Bout On CNBC

Floyd Money Mayweather just won his most recent fight by technical knock-out. The opponent: Scott Wapner. In the interview, Wapner came at Pretty Boy Floyd three times for his opinion on the overall business of boxing and three times the welterweight ducked out of the way and gave SW a mean cross to remind him what real focus of the discussion should be.
Round 1:
SW: Your last three fights generated 300 million dollars. What does that say about the current business of boxing?
FM: Boxing is something I love to do. What more can I say?
Round 2:
SW: But what does that say about the business of the sport right now that you do a million pay-per-view buys at a time when people, including myself, have questioned the status of the sport right now?
FM: Lot of hard work. A lot of hard work and smart business people that I have around me.
Round 3:
SW: Is the sport in a good place right now? Everybody is feeling the effect of this economy.
FM: I think I'm the only fighter, athlete, right now that gets 100% of his own money. So that is what I bring to the table.
And with that, the fight was effectively over and Scott Wapner is still waiting for an answer to his question. Maybe another attempt with a certain somebody not afraid to take any question head on is in order.