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French Submit To Power Of The Internet

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The AP reports that due an upswing in suicides in France, Labor Minister Xavier Darcos has ordered all companies with over 1,000 employees to develop "anti-stress plans" to deal with pressure in the workplace. Those who fail to to so? Will have their names placed on "a list of shame to be published on the Internet."

No other potential sanctions were mentioned because no other sanctions are necessary. The days of threatening to fine firms for misbehavior are over. No one gives a shit about cutting a check and carrying on business as usual but notice how quickly people fall in line when it's merely mentioned that you'd "hate for this to end up online"? Try a little exercise today. Ask for something that might seem a tad ridiculous of your colleague, client or boss. Then preempt their "get the fuck out of my office" with a "it would be a damn shame for your name to appear on Dealbreaker." Tell me what happens next (if need be mention our skills at sticking faces on the bodies of horny manatees. Nobody wants that, save for the sickest fucks among us, who should give me a call. 203-742-3600).


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