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Goldman Sachs Employees Will Have Their Festivus Whether Lloyd Blankfein Likes It Or Not!

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Unlike Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs is yet to give official word whether or not their annual Hannukah Hoedown will be happening this year. Obviously they've got the cash on hand to throw the thing, but wouldn't want to give certain Rolling Stone scribes the satisfaction of crashing and writing that "the punch tasted suspiciously like that of human blood-- obviously not a coincidence and one that gives some serious credence to my thesis." As for partying themselves, outside the office, that's been nixed, though apparently it will not stop some brave young souls.

To: DealBreaker
From: [redacted at GS]
Subject: Holiday Parties At Goldman
Apparently self-funded ones are not cool. We started talking about planning one this week and the word came down from the management team that it was a no go. It doesn't help that one of our MDs was in Hank's cabinet and is a major guardian of the brand, so I'm not surprised it was squashed early.

Obviously they don't want to enrage the populists but it still sucks. That being said, we still got together last year when we weren't supposed to and we likely will again. I feel like I'm in high school again trying to throw a party without my parents or school administration catching wind. Lame.