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Goldman Sachs Takes An Active Role In The Distressed Market

It's not just the secondary market for ABS CDOs that is seeing some activity these days. Another distressed asset, the St. Louis Rams, may soon have a new owner if the family of former Rams owner Georgia Frontiere gets the go-ahead from their advisor, the firm at 85 Broad Street. In a departure from the norm, the guy who once claimed Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's symptoms were all an act, Rush Limbaugh, will be playing the role of adversary along with St. Louis Blues Owner Dave Checketts in the sweepstakes for the winless club. While the prospect a Limbaugh-led organization may send a chill up the spine of some, GS should be terrified at the prospect of reaching an acceptable price tag. A year into the vilification campaign, the last headline the firm needs now is 'Goldman Sachs and Rush Limbaugh Are In Complete Agreement'.