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Hormonal Dick Bové Absolutely Reeling Over The "Brilliant" Career Of Ken Lewis Tragically Cut Short

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Say what you want about Dick Bové, but the Rochdale Securities analyst writes from the heart. She may not get things right all the time but she puts her feelings, raw and uncut, out on the table, and that's never wrong. Whereas peers like Meredith Whitney and Mike Mayo are probably responding to Ken Lewis's announced resignation from a cold, uncaring POV, Divé is getting emotional. Sorry if that's too much for you to handle but Ken Lewis meant a lot* to the Rochdale rising star and she's not going to stand here and let you drag her man's name through the mud. She will not hold her tongue any longer. Honestly. Fucking pigs. After emerging from the ladies room yesterday evening with the telltale signs of crying on her face (smeared mascara), Divé sat down, took a deep breath, and prepared the following statement for her clients. Let's take this line by line because each one is better than the next.

"The success of this bank is due to the brilliance of Ken Lewis as a visionary and tactician."

Who else would've had the foresight to acquire a ticking bomb of a company, and to keep it on the hush-hush before shareholders could bitch? Not you Jamie. Not you Lloyd. But rather than celebrate the genius of this businessman, who comes with a dreamy Southern drawl to boot, everyone just wants to bring him down. Why? Isn't it obvious? They're jealous.

"No other banker in this country can equal his achievements and yet every banker wishes s/he could."

That's right. None of you will admit it, but you're seething inside that you couldn't do what Ken has done. It's sad really, and Dick pities you. Know who else he feels bad for? The know-nothing government officials who felt the need to tear down this bright shining star.

"Yet despite his successes, he was torn from his post by politicians lacking any of Mr. Lewis' skills and successes. One can only be amazed that our system of governance can be so flawed."

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*More than you'll ever know.