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Hottest Women In Business Television List Gets Lift

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Yesterday we asked you guys to tweak the list compiled by BroBible, of the hottest business bitches. And they took many of your suggestions to heart! Namely the lack of Bloomberg representation. Before we get into that, however, some notice should be paid to a little something called the Amanda Drury Phenomenon. It was pointed out recently that it seemed as though Margaret Brennan was perhaps taking a page from her former colleague's playabook, namely in the wardrobe department, based on the evidence found here. We agreed, though it seemed as if MB was doing so slowly, just dipping her toe in at first. Apparently, however, this assumption was dead wrong. MargBren is not just following in the Druries footsteps but endeavoring to beat them at their own game.

Is AD going to let this happen? We're assuming no, as she invented the damn thing (not aggressive displays of cleave in general, but certainly the cable business edition) but obviously stay tuned. Additions to The List after the jump.

* Deirdre Bolton
* Michelle Makori
* Anastasia Haydulina
* Vira Gibbons
* Carol Massar
* Melissa Theuriau
Revealed: Bloomberg's Seven Heavenly Anchor Babes [BroBible]


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