Is Sallie Krawcheck Campaigning For Ken Lewis's Job?

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Doubtful! Oh, but not so, says the the Post, claiming that not only does SK want the job, but that she "went public with her ambitions to run the bank" yesterday on CNBC. Those of you who saw the appearance live might be wondering when exactly Krawcheck revealed her plot to take over Bank of America. Were you in the bathroom at the time? Was the TV on mute? Were you momentarily distracted by Caruso and Cabrera? Apparently, according to the paper, it was when the Kraw made the statement that she's "very much focused" on what she's doing running BofA's wealth-management unit. If that doesn't say "Krawcheck for CEO 2010," the Post don't know what does. Confused? Let us assist you in following the giant leaps in logic.

Krawcheck was responding to Charlie "I'm workin' the phones here" Gasparino's demand that she tell him point blank whether or not she's after her boss's job. Although CG only gave SK two options ("Yes or no? Yes or no? Yes or no?"), she went with scenario C, which Gaspo seemed to interpret as an affirmative (you can tell by the "nailed it" look on his face at the end of the clip). The Post is sold, are we? Take a looksee at the damming evidence and let us know. (Krawcheck unveils her plan at 14:15.)


Ken Lewis Is A Movie Producer Now*

If it feels like it's been forever since we've heard from Ken Lewis it's because it has. Following his retirement in 2009, the former Bank of America CEO went underground to do some soul-searching. To figure out what made Kenneth D. Lewis tick. Did he want to want to be a CEO of another company? Did he want to get involved in another industry entirely? Did he want to grow a beard again? Did he want to be a shepherd? These are the questions that needed answers and today, finally, we've got some. No word on the beard but it appears that for now, Lewis is staying away from Wall Street and pursuing another passion: the movie business.