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Jim Cramer Takes Issue With Own Investing Tips Being Thrown Back At Him, Demands Apology, More Gentlemanly Conduct (On The Internet)

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The other day, the blogger over at Wall Street Cheat Sheet penned a column arguing that "according to transitive logic," Jim Cramer would recommend selling your stock in The (TSCM), due to the fact that JC tells people to dump shares when executives leave companies suddenly or miss their filings. Both of these dealbreakers recently occurred at The Street, so the author argued that if one were a strict Cramer fundamentalist, there'd only be one thing left to do. He did not claim that JC had actually made this call himself, but rather used it as sort of WWJCD case study. You would think that Jimbo would a) realize this and b) be flattered that someone had not only bought his book but was following his teachings so closely and helping others to apply them in real time investing situations. But you'd think wrong! Uncle Jim fails to see the humor here and not only that but he wants the post removed, an apology, and honestly? A little class and civility up in this piece. Best line (especially picturing him writing it): "Think about how much better you are than that."

From: James Cramer
Subject: Some decorum and some fairness
Date: Mon, October 26, 2009 5:30 am

While I understand your need to be "on the map," and I understand the "public figure" exception to the libel laws, I do think that given your backgrounds and your histories, you are taking too much license with your Jim Cramer says Sell I believe that level of lack of responsibility is beneath you. So please take it down and apologize to me so we can move on. Fair? Think about it. Think about how much better you are than that? If you really need to sell subs just sell them, don't trash me to do it. jjcramer



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