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Jimmy Cayne Denies Keeping Kilo Of Coke In Desk At All Times

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Just like he claims to have never touched marijuana despite the fact that former colleagues describe his office at 383 Madison as a "straight-up grow house." Wall Street Marijuana and Cough Syrup Expert Charlie Gasparino, however, is not convinced, and implies as much in The Sell-Out. CG knows an addict when he sees one, and what's more, his sources in the world of crack-slinging are second to none.

Cohen recalls one such incident of Cayne's free-living lifestyle: Cayne called him to his forty-eighth floor corner office with its great view of the East River in Lower Manhattan to discuss some firm business. After a couple minutes of small talk, Cohen says Cayne reached down into his desk and pulled out a blue Bromo Seltzer bottle. (Bromo Seltzer is a white powdery antacid.) "What do you think's in here?" Cayne said, according to Cohen's recollection. "Bromo Seltzer?" Cohen asked, slightly bewildered. "No, it's filled with cocaine," Cayne said with a smile. Cohen never checked to see if that was true, and Cayne in an interview says he has never done coke (he also called Cohen's account "patent bullshit").

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