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Jimmy Cayne Knows A Top Notch CEO When He Sees One

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Soooooo. Here's what Jimmy Cayne had to say about about a bunch of some notable CEOs, as noted by noted by Charlie Gasparino's new book, When Mooks Fail:

Cayne usually had nothing but disdain for most of his fellow CEOs on Wall Street. He had once referred to former NYSE chairman Dick Grasso as a "pig" for his attept to cash out his $140 million retirement package even after Cayne, then a NYSE board member, approved the move. Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack was a "bullshit artist"' Hank Paulson, when he was the CEO of Goldman, was simply a "snake." Cayne had even less tolerance for Sandy Weill, and even as he considered selling Bear to JPMorgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon, he told friends that he wasn't crazy about Dimon because he was a "screamer."

So Jamie Dimon is a "screamer." Okay. Here's what JC had to say about Stan O'Neal, the greatest CEO on Wall Street, present company not included, of course.

"He's the real thing," Jimmy Cayne said when asked why on earth he was having lunch with Stan O'Neal...O'Neal was a "solid citizen" and a "real player," even though he had virtually stolen the CEO job from Dave Komansky, whom Cayne still considered a friend. For the next two years [after O'Neal became CEO of Merrill] the meetings would continue with some degree of regularity. It was an odd relationship on the surface because the two men couldn't have been more different: the foulmouthed, cigar-chomping Cayne and O'Neal, who almost never cursed and smoked.
But dig deeper, and O'Neal and Cayne had much in common. Both were CEO's. Both loved to play golf when they should have been working [Ed. Note: Burn Chaz, BURN.]. And both ran firms increasingly addicted to leverage and risk without the slightest idea what was in store for them.