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Jimmy Cayne Takes "It's A Bag Of Oregano" Route In Face Of Drug Use Allegations

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As previously mentioned, despite all drugs have done for him, Jimmy Cayne rabidly denies smoking pot or blowing rails during his time running the good ship Bear Stearns. We get why, circa 2007, JC would want to downplay his love of weed, and understand why now he does the same now, as Jimbo attempts to preserve his legacy as the most prudent and lucid-minded CEO on Wall Street, ever. But apparently even back in the day, when for the most part this shit was accepted, Big Daddy CaCayne was going to great lengths to insist he was clean (though obviously not offering to piss in a cup since clean samples were hard to come by). I don't think I have to tell you this comes from DEA Officer Charlie Gasparino's new book:

...some stories about Cayne's partying did make their way back to Greenberg, including one time when a senior executive at the firm, William Montgoris, walked by Cayne's office, detected the scent of marijuana, and reported the incident. Greenberg asked Cayne if what Montgoris was saying was true, but Cayne attributed the marijuana smell to "a new leather couch in my office," and later invited Montgoris in for a whiff. "Does the couch smell like pot or not?" he asked Montgoris, who nervously said it did, and the matter was dropped. Montgoris, in an interview, wouldn't deny the account; Cayne, for his part, maintains the same position he had back then; that he didn't smoke pot in the office.