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John Mack: Of Course I Told Tim Geithner To Go F*ck Himself

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In case there was any question as to whether or not Andrew Sorkin put the words into the Morgan Stanley CEO's mouth, John Mack has confirmed to Bill Griffeth that yes, after telling the then New York Fed chair that he was a bit occupied working out a deal with the Japanese last September to save his firm and didn't have time to talk, what he said Tim Geithner could do, instead of continuing to call back every 2 minutes, was "get fucked." Mack's secretary had the foresight not to pass the message on at the time, though, so TG didn't get the memo (but it was probably assumed, and wouldn't have been the first time). The almost-retired CEO said he's guessing it'll be a little awkward next time he sees the Secretary but at the same time it kind of feels good that it's "out there," you know? No more secrets.