Let's Wildly Speculate About: Who's Perp Walking Next


As you've probably heard, at least ten more people are expected to be charged with insider trading this week. Some of them may be connected to the Rajaratnam case. Others will be accused of dipping their wick elsewhere. Annoyingly, the authorities refuse to give any hints as to who's going down. And we can't take the suspense!

So that we're not caught completely off guard, we're asking you to make your best guesses here. We'd prefer them to be informed but "gut feelings" are also welcome. The individuals looking at being cuffed this week have apparently been investigated over the last two years. Do you remember a weird clicking sound on your phone at any point since 2007? Can you recall one of your colleagues vigorously defending Mike Milken over drinks to the point of making people uncomfortable? Did you get the distinct feeling the guy serving shrimp puffs at last year's holiday party was wearing a wire? Has your boss ever said, point blank, "I could get fucked for this, so keep it on the hush hush?" Are you yourself having asthma attack just reading this? Let it out.


Is this you right now? Getty Images

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