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Mark Madoff Dealing With The Pain The Only Way He Knows How

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Fish. Glistening, scale-y, sexy as hell fish. In case you wanted to see how one half of the Spawn of Satan is coping these days, we're told Mark and his wife Stephanie are renting a place in Montauk, where they've been holed up for at least a week. No word on whether or not sandwich shop employees or coffee house baristas are getting stiffed on tips but despite last week's not great-ish news that Mark, his brother, their cousin and uncle were being sued for $199 million, there's a chance Ponzi Boy Jr. is in good, generous spirits.

Also, the "Striped Bass Blitz" is currently happening off Montauk, so you can find Mark coming/going from the Star Island Marina -- watch for the Range Rover.

No word on Andy's whereabouts (how could he miss this?) right now.
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