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Must Everyone Associated With The Galleon Case Have His/Her Own Cringworthy Rap To Speak Of?

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Survey says: yes. Obviously you've got Raj's right here ("when the rally's on, put your money on Galleon), and below, the track laid down by the McKinsey Knowledge Center, a division launched by none other than McK "rising star" and Rajaratnam buddy-boy Anil Kumar. If you've been escorted out of your company's office in cuffs at some point in the last week, or think you might be soon, and have no theme song to speak of, we suggest you get in the recording studio ASAP.


Letter Reveals More Names in Galleon Case

Roomy Khan, one of the key cooperating witnesses in the Galleon insider trading case, used her extensive rolodex of insiders to gain access to secret market-moving information. Recently released court documents show that list of contacts could be longer than we thought.