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Neel Kashkari Has A Message For Lloyd Blankfein: YOU LIE!

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What has Neel Kashkari been up to lately? Chopping wood, mostly, in attempt to "decompress" from the stress of last year, up at a "secluded mountain cabin" in California. Getting away from it all has helped Hank Paulson's little buddy center himself and offered some serious time for reflection. And up there, in the woods, decked out in flannel, know what he's reflected on a whole lot? The fact that his former employer, who will not be name-checked at this time for security purposes, is full of shit. (Leaving names out of this on the off-chance Kash-K decides he wants to return to the golden ball pit.)

"Every single Wall Street firm, despite their protest today, every single one benefited from our actions," he said. "And when they get up there and say, 'Well, we didn't need it,' that's bull.
"They did need it. And they're all happy with the actions that we took, and they need to show restraint today."

As for you, Representative Cummings, why don't you come out to my cabin and we'll settle once and for all who the chump is? Let's see your clippers.
The Economic Bomb That Didn't Drop [NYT via NYM]


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