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Nicolas Cage Rolls Snake Eyes

It's tough to say which is worse, having to sit through The Wicker Man, Lord of War and the most recent National Treasure sequel or the fact that after all those cinematic masterpieces, the IRS is still waiting for a check for over $6 million from Nicolas Cage. Back in 2007, the never monotone Cage was basking in the glow of starring or appearing in four movies that robbed millions of people of several hours of their life they'll never get back again. But people could take at least some comfort that, in the end, the IRS would make NC pay for what he had done. Or so they thought.

Cage made his tax evading debut back in 2002 and followed that effort with strong showings through 2004. However, he saved his Oscar-worthy tax evasion performance of a lifetime for 2007 when he decided not to pay the $6.25 million due to the IRS. With the tax man now looking for a total of $6.6 million, it looks like Cage's future movie income will be gone in 60 seconds.
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